Concrete Waterproofing Services

Concrete waterproofing & crawl space encapsulation in Sedalia, Blue Springs or Lee's Summit, MO

Over time, water can do extensive damage to the concrete around your home. If you're worried about the integrity of your home's foundation, contact Raise Right Foundation & Slab. We offer concrete waterproofing in the Lee's Summit and Sedalia, Blue Springs, Missouri areas.

We can protect your concrete while fixing the problem. An injection of polyurethane into cracks will provide stability; then we'll waterproof the entire surface. We can then install a system designed to keep water away, such as:

  • Sump pumps
  • French drains
  • Baseboard drains
Make sure your water-related issues are a thing of the past. Contact Raise Right Foundation & Slab today for concrete waterproofing in Sedalia, Blue Springs or Lee's Summit, MO.

Seal out odors and moisture from your crawl space

Seal out odors and moisture from your crawl space

If you're dealing with odors or moisture in your crawl space, consider encapsulation. Raise Right Foundation & Slab will put in a French drain and run sump pumps to get water out from under your home. Putting plastic down and wrapping the walls will keep moisture and odors out of your home. Extreme cases may require additional dehumidifiers.

Learn more about crawl space encapsulation in Lee's Summit and Sedalia, MO by contacting Raise Right Foundation & Slab today.