Professional Poly Jack Services

Professional Poly Jack Services

Learn more about poly jack services in Lee's Summit or Sedalia, MO

If you're dealing with sunken or settled concrete at your home or office, you may not need to replace it. Raise Right Foundation & Slab offers Poly Jack services in the Sedalia and Lee's Summit, Missouri areas.

Polyjacking is a cost-effective solution when you have problems with sinking concrete. We can stabilize your:

  • Foundation
  • Patio
  • Garage floor
  • Driveway
  • Sidewalk
The cost of polyjacking is approximately one-third of the cost of replacing the concrete. Contact Raise Right Foundation & Slab today to learn more about polyjacking in Sedalia or Lee's Summit, MO.

Solve problems with your flat concrete

Polyjacking makes use of polyurethane injections into the space where erosion or settling has occurred. This creates pressure to raise the slab back to its intended level. Improve the stability of your flat concrete in Sedalia or Lee's Summit, MO by contacting Raise Right Foundation & Slab.